Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus ISE Entrance - MERC

Robotics and Manufacturing Laboratory
Mazak Variaxis 500-5XII (5 Axis Milling Cutter)
Mazak QuickTurn Nexus 200-IIM (Lathe)
Schunk MM500 Mobile Platform
3 Axis Milling Cutter
Kollu Freze (150 mm stroke)
3 Adet Staubli Rx160

Humanoid Robots Laboratory
5 Nao Robot (25 DOf)
1 Biped

The Unit of Laser Cutting Circuits and Fast Prototypes

LPKF Laser-Electronics
LPKF Proto Place
LPKF Zel Print
LPKF ProtoMat H100
LPKF Promask
Objet Alaris 30 (Rapid Prototyping)

Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles and Engine ECU units Control and Simulation Laboratory
 1 Unmanned Vechileb
1 Electric MiniBus
1 Adet Elektrikli Minibüs
1 Serial Hybrid Van  

Femto-Second Laser Laboratory


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory
2 Helicopter
1 Plane
1 Zeppelin

Micro/Nano Movement Control and Robotic Systems Laboratory
Inverted Microscope
Vibration Isolation Smart Table
Laser Displacement Measurement System
High Sensitive Linear & Rotary Micro/Nano Motors
8 Axis Controller
Sensitive Loadcells (10g-250g arası)
Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Cards
Piezoelektric Films & Piezo Stack Actuators
Piezo Amplifier
Signal Jenerator, Oscilloscope, Power Supply
Shape Memory Alloys
AFM Probe
Magnetic Stirrer, Hotplate & Vacuum Pump
Impedance Tube


Basic Controlling and PLC Laboratory


Mechatronic System Applications Laboratory